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Our Values


Passion for people and business


We are passionate about people and business, about what drives our clients and motivates our candidates. That passion together with our professional experience in both financial and industrial corporations as well as in HR services is a unique combination that strengthens us in our ability to make the right matching.

What motivates them what drives them, what energises them and equally passionate about organisations, what are their challenges, what is their corporate culture, how are they organised and most importantly what combination of skills and leadership values do they need to excel and succeed. 


Service Excellence


At Taking Turns, we differentiate ourselves by our service excellence, our strongly built network, our ability and methodology to scout high potentials and experienced talents and our thorough knowledge of different industries and functional disciplines. We proud ourselves to be connected with qualitative and well-skilled executives and “to-be executives” in the labour market.

It is the love for our job that gives us the burning energy to continuously dialogue with our clients and talents about career development, employer branding, when or what could be the ideal next step. In the end, it’s all about taking the right turn…

We aim to excel in our communication and follow-up towards our clients and candidates. In search for the right candidates we conduct our business with full integrity. We respect confidentiality towards our clients and candidates.  

Think outside the box - Never Assume


We are driven to continuously reinvent ourselves and adjust our approach to the latest sourcing techniques giving us the agility to reach the candidate target group that you aim for. 


Committed Business Partner / Full Ownership


We believe that we can only succeed in our search if there is a close collaboration, trust and business partnering with our client


Executive Search- Our Methodology


Client intake 

The success of filling a key position depends on truly understanding the business challenges, the corporate culture, the leadership values and the combination of functional and soft skills required for the scope of the position

Therefore, we start with a client intake meeting, deep-diving into your organisation and acting as critical sounding board in defining the job profile and profile requirements.  


Branding and Building Talent Pipeline   

There  is a war for talent. The right talent in a key position, can make a difference in the success of your company.  More and more companies need to brand their organisation as an employer of choice. We invest time and money in driving awareness and interest in your employer brand and build your talent pipeline for your key positions with only top talent in the labour market. We identify potential candidates by leveraging on our network and by investigating the labour market (sourcing, identification, screening, interviewing and reference checks).

Meeting Shortlist Candidates 

We give our clients the opportunity to choose but at the same time we only present them top candidates (shortlist). The candidates we have selected fit well with your company’s culture and have the right experience and background for that specific opportunity. We can offer the best candidates, including candidates who are not actively looking for a new opportunity, but are only open to change jobs for the right opportunity. 

Final Conclusion and Mutual Agreement 

We ensure frequent communication with our client and candidate to share compensation information and to facilitate the negotiations in order to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement for both client and candidate. Our success is defined by the long-term commitment and key position of the person hired. As a consequence, we connect and help with closing the hiring process. 

Smoothly onboarding 

During the onboarding period we stay in touch with our client and candidate to ensure a successful onboarding and a sustainable hiring. 

Interim Management - for your urgent and specific management needs


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Taking Turns is founded by 2 passionate, positive and fully-energized partners

Our story and team


Why we took the turn

We wanted to be entrepreneurial in a business we are passionate about.


In 2017 saw a business need for our personal approach and professional standards to bring value to both companies and talent.


We know what it means to jump and take a turn! 


We grew from 2 to 18 within five years

Our team

Supported by the trust of our clients, we grew succesfully from 2 to 18 colleagues in 5 years.

We share experience in the corporate world and the people business. Together, we rely on more than 196 years of relevant expertise.

Our business and growth is based on a broad client portfolio based on trust. We operate across various industries and broaden our activities along our 5 specialties (General Management, Finance, Operations & Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, HR) and both in Executive Search and Interim Management. 

During these 5 years Taking Turns has placed 372 candidates in new jobs or assignments.



We are ready to take the turn... Are you?




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