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Executive Search

Our Methodology
Client intake 

The success of filling a key position depends on truly understanding the business challenges, the corporate culture, the leadership values and the combination of functional and soft skills required for the scope of the position

Therefore, we start with a client intake meeting, deep-diving into your organisation and acting as critical sounding board in defining the job profile and profile requirements.  


Branding and Building Talent Pipeline   

There  is a war for talent. The right talent in a key position, can make a difference in the success of your company.  More and more companies need to brand their organisation as an employer of choice. We invest time and money in driving awareness and interest in your employer brand and build your talent pipeline for your key positions with only top talent in the labour market. We identify potential candidates by leveraging on our network and by investigating the labour market (sourcing, identification, screening, interviewing and reference checks).

Meeting Shortlist Candidates 

We give our clients the opportunity to choose but at the same time we only present them top candidates (shortlist). The candidates we have selected fit well with your company’s culture and have the right experience and background for that specific opportunity. We can offer the best candidates, including candidates who are not actively looking for a new opportunity, but are only open to change jobs for the right opportunity. 

Final Conclusion and Mutual Agreement 

We ensure frequent communication with our client and candidate to share compensation information and to facilitate the negotiations in order to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement for both client and candidate. Our success is defined by the long-term commitment and key position of the person hired. As a consequence, we connect and help with closing the hiring process. 

Smoothly onboarding 

During the onboarding period we stay in touch with our client and candidate to ensure a successful onboarding and a sustainable hiring. 

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