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Our story

Why we took the turn

We wanted to be entrepreneurial in a business we are passionate about.

In 2017 we saw a business need for our personal approach and professional standards to bring value to both companies and talent.

We know what it means to jump and take a turn! 

Our team

Supported by the trust of our clients, we grew succesfully from 2 to 21 colleagues in 6 years.

We share experience in the corporate world and the people business. Together, we rely on more than 196 years of relevant expertise.

Our business and growth is based on a broad client portfolio based on trust. We operate across various industries and broaden our activities along our 5 specialties (General Management, Finance, Operations & Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, HR) and both in Executive Search and Interim Management. 

We are ready to take the turn... Are you?

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